Diamond shards tap the glass

and wind whistles through cracks

in the window panes

as I resentfully pull on my boots

to shovel snow.

I call my 9 year old son,

“want to help me?”

“No thanks,” he says,

wandering to his room

to draw a treehouse

build an electric circuit

read Captain Underpants.

I wish I were so free.

But as I zip my puff daddy coat,

my father with his crooked back

steps forth from the darkened room where he sat,

looks into my eyes

for the first time this visit and says,

“Son, I wish I could join you. I wish I could.” …


Michael Fieleke, Sensei

Zen teacher, priest & guiding teacher of Boundless Way Zen, practicing with Morning Star Zen Sangha in Newton & Waltham, MA.

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